About Us

Infostore Solutions Inc.

Mission: Our mission is to deliver maximum business value to our clients by designing, developing, implementing and maintaining efficient and high-quality software solutions aligned with their essential business needs.

Infostore Solutions Inc. is a Barbadian software development and consulting company with over 15 years of IT business experience, serving Barbadian companies for over a decade. We excel in customization, integration of complex solutions and advanced mobile and web applications. We design, develop, implement and maintain efficient and high-quality software solutions.

Our clients are important to us and our success lies in our ability to understand their overall goals and objectives. Technologies are continually changing and it takes talent, dedication and commitment to keep up with these changes and to excel at what we do.

Our Services

Custom software

Web Application

Mobile App Development

Document  Management Solution

Database Programs

System Integration

Business Process Management 

Customer Portals

Maintenance & Support

Our Skills




Visual Basic

C, C++, C#

Ionic 3,


Typescript/Angular JS/JQuery




Real Estate

Car Rental







Project Management

Infostore Solutions Inc. has achieved 100%  project delivery owing to:

  • Experience in working through all stages of a development project.
  • Ability to work with both detailed and vague project scope.
  • Good administration and organizational skills.
  • Having a logical approach to problem-solving.
  • A strong understanding of professional software development practice.
  • Able to communicate complex issues to a large range of stakeholders at all levels.
  • Knowledge of various software development methodologies.
  • Possessing a solid academic understanding a software development principles.
  • Proven ability to meet agreed on project and client satisfaction targets.
  • Ensuring smooth communication with Clients and 3rd parties.

What Sets us Apart

To be of greater value to each client, we continually expand and refine our superior skills, knowledge, and creativity.  We never limit ourselves and so we are able to provide applications in a variety of programming languages.  We also leverage our experience, applying it to each project.  This approach assures our clients of the most successful software solutions and web applications.


In 1998 Evanson Mills started his career with a single project and today that application is still in use by this long-standing client.  He founded Infostore Solutions Inc. in 2002.  Over the years, our company has embraced the evolution of technology, growing our expertise in design and development in various programming languages and web applications.  Through it all, our philosophy has never changed. We begin every project by thoroughly defining our client’s needs and objectives.  From there we are able to develop the most appropriate and compelling programs that will effectively achieve the stated objectives.